Learn C++ to get into IT industry even if you are from a Non-Technical background, or if you don't know what is programming!

Even If You Are From A Completely Non-Tech Background Or Don’t Know What Is Programming, We Have Trained Over 2000+ Students, And Our Frameworks Works For All, And All Of Them Achieved Their Goal

5 – Days Online Workshop

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

By Mentor Anirudh Khurana

C++ / Python Web Developer With 5+ Years of Experience

2000+ students trained

22 October 2023

Focused on logic buildup

Followers all over from India

This workshop is for you! If you are

Aspiring C++ Developers

Non-Technical to Technical Career Transition

High-Paying Job Seekers​

People looking for Logic Buildup courses

People interested in learning robotics

College Students

Recent Graduates

Want to learn programming

Want to learn more languages in future

Here's what you can expect:

Fully Practical Learning: Get ready for a hands-on experience like no other. Our C++ workshop is designed to immerse you in real-world scenarios, ensuring you grasp concepts through practical application.

Daily Assignments: Each day, you’ll receive carefully curated assignments that reinforce the day’s lessons. These tasks are designed to push your boundaries and solidify your understanding of C++. 

No Tutorial Hell: Say goodbye to endless tutorials and fragmented learning. This workshop is laser-focused on delivering structured, progressive content. 

Logic Buildup: Starting from the ground up, we’ll guide you through the process of developing logical thinking in programming. You’ll tackle progressively complex challenges.


Unlock Masterclass Bonuses Worth ₹16999/-

250+ Ready-made Python Projects

Prepare yourself for Interviews

Prepare yourself for Interviews

Prepare yourself for Interviews

250+ Ready-made Python Projects

Prepare yourself for Interviews

Prepare yourself for Interviews

Prepare yourself for Interviews

250+ Ready-made Python Projects

Prepare yourself for Interviews

Prepare yourself for Interviews

Prepare yourself for Interviews

Feedback from our students

Prashant Prajapati

I am learning python + DSA with anirudh sir. It's already 4 months since I connect with him. he always ready to solve students doubts. I would suggest everyone to join with him. you won't be regret.

Rated 5/5 - from over 100 reviews

Neelmani Singh

"Anirudh Khurana is a great mentor & academic expert on coding. Being a subject matter expert, he provides a structured course covering all the grounds from basics to advanced. I would highly recommend Anirudh to anyone looking to learn & grow in the software industry."

Rated 5/5 - from over 100 reviews

Nandkishor Kumar

"Code and debug is the best coding platform... Here you can easily get notes of any languages with simple and clear language and also mini project and major project with code source...."

Rated 5/5 - from over 100 reviews

Sid Khetan

"Anirudh Sir is very knowledgeable and his notes are unparalleled. Great place to start my coding journey"

Rated 5/5 - from over 100 reviews

Raghul Gopal

"Very useful for studying the notes.And thanks for providing me for the study material. Hearty congratulations for upcoming success.."

Rated 5/5 - from over 100 reviews

Aditya Jaiswal

"Best place to upgrade and learn new skills to excel in Software Industry. Highly recommended for exponential growth. 💯"

Rated 5/5 - from over 100 reviews

Still Wondering If This Masterclass Will Help You?

Check All The Boxes That Are True For You

You want to get training online

Not Able To Build Logic And Real World Projects

You Are Not Still Able To Write Code Confidently

I Have A Fear And Not Able To Start Coding

You Waste Your Time In Watching Tons Of YouTube Videos

Not Able To Build Logic In Programming

Feels Very Hard To Learn Coding

Want to get into IT industry

Want to start with basics first

If You’ve Checked One Or More Than One Box Above, Then You’re,

Welcomed To The "5-Days of C++!",

This 5-Days of C++ Program Is Exactly For You, To Solve Your Problems!

Get ISO Certified Certificate

By Coach Anirudh Khurana, After Attending The 7-Days Program

Become A Certified C++ Programmer

Include In Your Resume

Enhance Your Credibility

Reserve Your Seat

Before It’s Too Late


C++5D - Program


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM [1 Hour Daily]


Today only ₹199/-

5-Days Online C++ Masterclass

Live Q&A Session, Interact Personally

Focused on Logic Buildup

Total Value: ₹2999, Today Only: ₹199

Day 1: Exploring C++

What is Coding?

Basics Programming Myths

Introduction to C++

Software Installation

Writing our first program

Day 2: Learning Basics



Data Types

Basic Practice Questions

Basic inputs

Day 3: Operators


Types of operators

Conditional statements

Nested if-else statements

Questions for practice

Day 4: Loops

What are loops?

Different types of Loops

Understanding WHILE loop

Basic Questions

Practice Assignments

Day 5: Logic Buildup

Practicing everything in advance way

Solving advance questions

Make patterns

Contest rules

Frequently Asked Questions

The schedule for each session will be provided at the top of the page.

Each session will run for approximately 1 hour followed by doubt session.

This webinar is suitable for anyone interested in coding, whether you’re looking to kickstart your career in the IT industry or just want to strengthen your basics.

The program will cover the following key topics:

  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops

All necessary installations will be guided during the class. You only need a laptop to participate.

You can reach us by calling +9712928220 or emailing us at info@codeanddebug.in.

Yes, the classes will be conducted in Hindi.

Yes, recorded sessions will be provided for registered participants to review at their convenience.

Yes, daily assignments will be provided, and solutions will be discussed during the sessions.

Yes, the top 3 coders will receive exclusive t-shirts and books based on the contest held on the last day.

Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion if you attend the entire live session.

You can reach us by calling +9712928220 or emailing us at info@codeanddebug.in.

Currently, we are not running these classes on a refund policy. That’s why we are mentioning our official number +91 9712928220 to make sure you solve your queries before registering.