Python + Data Structures and Algorithms

A comprehensive learning journey that explores the essentials of organizing data and solving problems through algorithms. It involves lessons and practice tasks suitable for both beginners and those with programming experience. The aim is to prepare attendees for technical interviews and placement exams.


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Covers pretty much everything you need to know about Python and DSA

Explore a comprehensive curriculum that includes live sessions, daily doubt-solving opportunities, weekly progress assessments, and a diverse set of over 200 problems to enhance your problem-solving skills. Our aim is to provide you with a practical understanding of Python and DSA concepts.


Ideal for beginners, intermediate learners and professionals who are looking to excel in Python programming and DSA, our class offers personalized attention who are committed to your success.

No Pre-requisite Required
Everything will be explained from scratch
Online Classes
Everyday from Monday to Friday
Leetcode Questions
Solving questions asked by Top Companies
Live Resume and Interview Preparation

Demo class recording

Check out various demo session based on different topics
Function (Week 2 - Day 1)
Pattern Logic Build-up (Week 3 - Day 2)
OOPS Concepts (Week 7 - Day 1)


The syllabus we will be covering throughout our live and recorded sessions
• Monday to Friday
• 8:30PM to 10:00PM
• 200+ Leetcode video solutions
• Daily Assignments
Installing Python/VSCode/Pycharm
Difference between terminal/shell
Learning about print statement
Variables and Data Types
Operators in Python
IF-ELSE Statement
IF-ELIF-ELSE Statement
Nested Conditional Statements
Introduction to While Loop
Introduction to For Loop
Control Statements
Nested Loops
Solving pattern question using loops
Mutable vs Immutable
Lists in Python
Tuples vs Lists
String in Python
Methods of each data type
Slicing in sequence
Introduction to dictionary
Dictionary Methods
Introduction to Sets
Sets methods
What are Functions?
Parameters and Arguments
Scope of a Variable
Named/Default Arguments
Anonymous Functions
Global vs Local variable
Function Annotations
Modules vs Packages
Try-Except in Python
Different type of clauses
Raising an Exception
Creating custom exception
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
Classes and Objects
Methods and Attributes
Overloading vs Overriding
Data Hiding
Lists of Objects
Major Projects
What is recursion?
Understanding base condition
Printing 1 to N using recursion
Sum of first N numbers
+5 more questions
Concept of Hashing
Collisions in Hashing
Frequency of Array Elements
+2 more questions
Selection Sort
Bubble Sort
Insertion Sort
Merge Sort
Quick Sort
Recursive Bubble and Insertion Sort
Solving Array/List Easy questions (12 questions)
Solving Array/List Medium questions (13 questions)
Solving Array/List Hard questions (12 questions)
BS on 1D arrays (12 leetcode questions)
BS on 2D arrays (3 leetcode questions)
What are linked list and its implementation!
Inserting, Deleting, Traversal, Searching of a node in SLL
What are doubly linked list and its implementation!​
Inserting, Deleting, Traversal, Searching, Reversing of a node in DLL
22 Easy, Medium, Hard leetcode questions based on SLL and DLL
Recursion based on patterns
25 Easy, Medium, Hard leetcode questions based on SLL and DLLrecursion
Implementing Stack using array/lists/linked list
Implementing Queue using array/lists/linked list​
Understanding Prefix/Infix/Postfix conversion
+25 leetcode questions
10 leetcode questions based on this topic
Priority Queue using heaps
Min Heap and Max Heap
+13 leetcode quesions
What are trees?
Implementation of trees in Python
Preorder, Inorder, Post-order, Level order, Iterative inorder traversals
Solving 25 leetcode questions based on trees
What are graphs and its implementation?
Topological Sort, Shortest Path Algorithms
Articulation Point, Kosaraju's Algorithm and more
Kahn's Algorithm, Dijkstra's Algorithm, Bellman Ford Algorithm, Floyd Warshal Algorithm
Solving 35+ leetcode questions
What is DP?
Solving questions on 1D DP (3-5 leetcode questions)
2D and 3D DP
Strings, Subsequences, Stocks and more
Solving 45 questions based on DP

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Class mode

Live (5 months) + Recordings

Class recording

Available in-case you miss a lecture

Doubt Classes

Everyday after the session and on Sunday's

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Class starts on

25th March 2024

Class Schedule

Monday to Friday

Class Timings

8:30PM to 10:00PM IST


Every sunday

Mode of Communication

Primarly in Hindi


Still having a doubt? Let’s be more clearer!

Certainly! The classes are beginner-friendly and tailored to guide you from scratch. So, there is no need to know anything about coding beforehand.

It's a both live and recorded class, allowing real-time interaction with instructors and solutions to leetcode questions for logic buildup.

Yes, recordings will be available for missed sessions. All the recordings of LIVE classes will be available.

No prerequisites needed. The class will start from the basics and will go till advance.

Yes, a refund is possible within 14 days of the class starting date. No questions asked.

Yes, installment options are available; check the payment methods for details.

Primarily in Hindi.

Yes you will be given 3 leetcode questions everyday to solve and solutions to be provided next day so you can focus on yourself to solve the problem first.

Yes, upon enrollment, access to a community group will be provided.

Contact our support team at or feel free to call on +91-9712928220 for assistance.

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